About Us

Neal Townsel, the founder and owner of Modern Time Upholstery and Repairs, began his career at an early age. His experience as a fourth generation upholsterer began at the age of seven when he reupholstered his first piece of furniture under the tutelage and guidance of his father, Leroy Townsel. He can remember enjoying the instruction his father and grandfather would give him more than playing with his friends and doing the things that typical youngsters his age preferred to do. Mr. Leroy Townsel was a fabulous teacher who took pride and joy from the instruction of his six sons in the art of upholstery. During this early period of development, Neal and his family were living in White Plains, NY, but in the early 1970’s, his family moved to Lake Placid, NY. It was there that his father opened an upholstery shop named L. Townsel and Sons. After this change of location, Neal worked with his father for nine to ten years. When his father passed away in 1982, Neal opened a shop with a partner named Mike Gray and began to utilize all the things his father had taught him. He did everything to the best of his ability and worked from his heart, not from his head. Not long after his partnership was established, Neal and his partner decided that they were not getting paid what they were worth for the quality of their work. A month after they started looking around for a new location, an contact of Mike’s in Scotia, NY offered them positions in his business. Neal and Mike accepted and moved down into Schenectady, NY in 1986, the same year as the birth of Neal’s first son was born. Things went well for them working for someone instead of being self-employed. Neal kept working for this company until 1990, when he made the decision to start his own upholstery company. He named it Modern Times Upholstery and Repairs.

Neal’s business has been in operation for over thirteen years and has moved to and from several locations in the Capital District over this span of time. Since 1996, Modern Times Upholstery has been a home-based business. Mr. Townsel now employs four people in his operation. Modern Times Upholstery and Repairs continues to provide unequaled quality in re upholstery, decorating, and refurbishing to the Capital District and surrounding areas.

Other Company Information

At Modern Times Upholstery and Repairs we offer a wide variety of services to our clients. Some of our services are shipped out to other small self-employed businessmen to further extend our services. Here are some of the services we offer:

Antique Work
Furniture Repairs
Outdoor Furniture
Fine Leather work
Church Pews

When we reupholster furniture, we use only top-grade products to finish our work. We use fabrics from a large variety of companies to ensure that you a our customer get the best in quality and selection. Here are some of the companies we use on a regular basis:

Guilford of Maine
Stroheim and Romann
Robert Alan
Cowtan and Tout
Duralee Fabrics
Osbourne and Little
Tanglewood Leather
Roden Leather
Townsend Leather

Over the years, our reputation and our work has spread all over the Capital District and even into other areas of New York and beyond. Some of the work we’ve done is in places that are more noticeable than others. It is quite possible that you’ve seen some of our work from everyday taveling in the Capital District. The following is a list of the places for whom we’ve done large amounts of work:

BBL General Contractors
Albany Country Club
Albany International Airport
Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Albany College of Pharmacy
TGI Fridays
Best Western – Albany and Lake Placid
NYS General Service Stores
St. Lukes Church, Schenectady
Unified Court Systems
Hotel Saranac
BCI – Albany
St. Marys Hospital – Troy, NY
St. Peters Hospital – Albany, NY